iQity E-Learning Platform

Learning Management System

The iQity Learning Management System is a comprehensive, online-education delivery system, paralleling – yet improving upon – the traditional classroom environment, and offering teachers and students the most effective e-learning environment.

Its intuitive user interface and robust features make it both the easiest and the most powerful learning management system available.

In fact, the iQity LMS can offer even more than a bricks-and-mortar school. It has classrooms, a main office, school announcements, gradebooks, quizzes and tests, whiteboards, a teachers' lounge, messaging systems, easy-to-use tools for creating lesson plans and courses, registrar functionality, and much more.

Whether a state, district, or school wants to use the iQity LMS for distance learning, to enhance the in-class experience, to create a blended environment that combines the best of both distance and in-class learning, or to offer customized courses to either advanced or struggling students, this feature-rich system is the best solution.