iQity E-Learning Platform

School: Flexibility

Browser-based and accessible through any computer with internet access, the iQity e-Learning Platform provides ultimate flexibility to administrators, teachers, and students, with only an extremely modest investment.

The system works across multiple platforms and operating systems, as well as within all major browsers, making the system even more affordable and ideal for use in the classroom, as a distance learning tool, or in a blended or hybrid learning environment that combines the benefits of both a traditional classroom and distance learning technology.

Customizable through over 70 user permissions and the selection of approved content of a variety of license types; every school can customize the iQity Platform to best fit its specific situation.

In addition, the ease-of-use, drag-and-drop functionality, and online training make the system very quick to learn, increasing the systems flexibility to be quickly implemented or used by someone with little to no experience on the iQity Platform.