iQity E-Learning Platform

National Org: Financial Savings

The iQity e-Learning Platform is the most affordably priced, complete education solution on the market. In fact, depending on how the contracting organization chooses to set up the iQity financial model, the iQity e-Learning Platform can even be cost- neutral or revenue-generating.

This fully hosted and web-based solution has... special hardware or servers to buy or continually upgrade,
...thousands of free learning objects, and
...a fully integrated WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Plus, with the Reactor Repository, teachers, schools, districts, states, and national or regional organizations also can create their own content. That content can be stored within the repository, and even can be made available (for free or at a set fee) to other educators within the same school, district, or state, as well as any other teacher using the iQity e-Learning Platform across the country. The details of how this arrangement would be handled are at the discretion of the creator and his/her school, district, state, and/or national or regional organization.