iQity E-Learning Platform

Communication Tools

The iQity Learning Management System features multiple communication tools.

Message Center
The iQity Message Center functions much like any other e-mail system. However, unlike most e-mail systems, the iQity Message Center is a closed system, strictly preventing outside interaction.

In addition, officials and administrators can control who can communicate with whom within the Message Center. For example: by default, students can send messages only to their teachers, eliminating time-intensive or costly e-mail monitoring software or protocols. If a school administrator chooses, he or she can easily allow students to send messages to one another with one quick change to role permissions.

Main Office
In the iQity Main Office, administrators can provide a variety of information to students, teachers, and other administrators.

Throughout the iQity e-Learning Platform, administrators, teachers, and students can access their calendars. Teachers and administrators can communicate time-based information to entire classes or even to the entire school, respectively. The calendar also enables users to add private deadlines, appointments, and more to their personal calendars.

Discussion Boards
Teachers can use the iQity Discussion Boards within each classroom to asynchronously communicate with teachers, allowing questions to be asked and answered at the convenience of the users. These boards also can be moderated, to prevent inappropriate discussions.

Assignment Dropbox
With the iQity Assignment Dropbox, teachers can communicate specific details of any assignment with the students in their classes. The Assignment Dropbox is also where students can download material, ask questions about the assignment, and submit assignments to their teachers.

Classroom Announcements
Through Classroom Announcements, teachers can communicate with the entire class, and through School Announcements, administrators can communicate with the entire school.