iQity E-Learning Platform


The classroom within the iQity LMS is where the teaching and learning really takes place.

The classroom is where teachers can communicate assignments and other information to and with the class, create quizzes, assess how students are progressing, and much more. Within the classroom, the teacher also has access to the iQity Reactor Learning Object Repository, enabling him or her to search for, find, and begin using the correctly aligned learning objects in as few as three clicks.

The classroom is also where students communicate with the teacher in an asynchronous environment; take quizzes and tests; learn about, complete, and submit assignments; and more.

The asynchronous nature of the iQity classroom enables teachers and students to access and function within the classroom at any time – regardless of how many other users (if any) are actively in the classroom.

The classroom includes multiple communication tools: a calendar, a discussion board, class announcements, and assignment dropboxes.