iQity E-Learning Platform

District: Training and Development

Even though the iQity e-Learning Platform is arguably the most intuitive and easy-to-learn online education system available, it is made even more powerful by a complete training and development program.

In many ways, the centerpiece of this training and development program is iQity U. iQity U is the exclusive interactive training system for administrators, teachers, and students. Based on each user's preferences and learning style, he or she can choose to access and use training videos, interactive PDF manuals, or even non-moderated courses that teach people how to use the iQity Platform.

iQity also has developed a train-the-trainer system that develops iQity Experts within each district or school.

In addition, iQity includes phone support for iQity Experts and additional online training beyond iQity U. Soon, IQ-wiki and iQity Forums, currently under development, will provide community-based knowledge and user-to-user support.

Beyond providing training and development for learning to maximize the potential of the iQity Platform, the Platform itself can be used for professional training and development purposes.