iQity E-Learning Platform

District: Quality Curriculum

The curriculum in the iQity Reactor Repository includes a continually growing array of vetted, aligned, and user-rated courses and learning objects from some of the best curriculum developers in the country. In addition, the Reactor Repository also contains a great deal of learning objects.

From kindergarten through high school and beyond; from core courses to AP courses; from credit recovery to professional development courses, the iQity e-Learning Platform offers the most complete and diverse selection of curriculum available anywhere.

The content within the Reactor Repository includes free courses and learning objects, as well as affordably priced pay-per-use curriculum elements.

In addition, the iQity e-Learning Platform also includes tools to help districts, schools, curriculum directors, or teachers develop their own courses, either using original content or rearranging content found within the iQity Reactor Repository.

This amazing array of curriculum is a key component of what makes the iQity e-Learning Platform ideal for nearly any educational situation: a traditional classroom, distance learning, a blended or hybrid environment, individualized education, K-12, continuing education, and more.